What a great workout today…. And so Many rx’s!!!

We started with a 800m run, 20 pushups, 30 air squats and shoulder pass thrus for warm up. Then some mobility stretches… Then onto the WOD:

AMRAP 15min

Sprint 100m

Slam ball (50/30) x10

Wall ball sit ups (20/14) x10

Slam Ball Turkish Get ups (50/30) x10


I completed 3 whole sets and made it thru 1 turkish get up on the 4th with RX’d amount of weight!! I was looking forward to going to workout tomorrow however I believe I am going to take a break before the Rugged 5k in Richmond on Saturday!!! Then next thursday I depart on the Law Enforcement United bike ride to DC in honor of fallen officers 🙂 Going to miss my WOD’s but i’ll def be getting a workout in!