RX’d Thursday!

What a great workout today…. And so Many rx’s!!!

We started with a 800m run, 20 pushups, 30 air squats and shoulder pass thrus for warm up. Then some mobility stretches… Then onto the WOD:

AMRAP 15min

Sprint 100m

Slam ball (50/30) x10

Wall ball sit ups (20/14) x10

Slam Ball Turkish Get ups (50/30) x10


I completed 3 whole sets and made it thru 1 turkish get up on the 4th with RX’d amount of weight!! I was looking forward to going to workout tomorrow however I believe I am going to take a break before the Rugged 5k in Richmond on Saturday!!! Then next thursday I depart on the Law Enforcement United bike ride to DC in honor of fallen officers 🙂 Going to miss my WOD’s but i’ll def be getting a workout in!


Regionals have begun!

I am so excited for everyone going to regionals for Crossfit and can’t wait until I am at that level. I plan to compete in the Open next year and hopefully within the next 2  I will qualify for regionals. A lot more hard work will be put into play, testing myself daily and eating right always.

Was really looking forward to the Tides game tonight with some quality people but as usual the VA weather has put a damper on our plans 😦 Hey at least I won’t be tempted by my favorite baseball treats: Sausages and fried snickers… nom nom nom.

In the link: This chic is awesome! Her paleo website helps me thru everyday along with her goals keeping me motivated to achieve mine! Def check her out as she will be one to keep your eye on!

Bootcamp Changed My LIfe


I have always been an athletic person and enjoyed being in the outdoors and getting a good sweat. After graduating from the Police Academy in June 2010, I gained 20lbs over 2 years putting me at 168lbs… the heaviest and most out of shape I have ever been. I decided to compete in a Biggest Loser competition at work and tried Paleo out for the first time… I lost 10lbs but then gained back 6, leaving me with only 4lbs lost in a month due to losing interest and motivation because I felt alone.

I never could find a workout/gym that I could stick to, keep me motivated, and get great results………… Until I found Compound Crossfit.

I found Compound Crossfit thru a friend at work who happens to be a trainer there as well. I signed up for a 4 week long bootcamp thinking “What the heck why not?” I showed up for my first day completely out of shape. I was embarassed at the results of my original fit test and before pictures I took at home to track my results. I went to Crossfit 3x a week for an hour and a half, and stuck to the paleo lifestyle that we were taught on day 1. By the end of day 2.. I was HOOKED on crossfit. 4 weeks later I was signing up for a year commitment at the gym and will not be turning back. My before and after results were as follows (and coincide with the picture above, left is before, right is after):

Before 2/25/12:                                                                       After 3/23/12:

Weight:       164.6                                                                        162.8 (not sig, because of muscle gain!)

Hips:           41 3/4                                                                        42 3/16 (butt perked up from squats!!!)

Waist:         31 1/2                                                                        29 1/4

Neck:         13 3/16                                                                      13 1/4

Squats:      41                                                                              56      (1 minute)

Pushups:   34                                                                              39      (1 minute)

Situps:      41                                                                               52

800m Run: 4.32                                                                           4.02

After this I have joined the gym and have been commited to going 3-5x a week. I have signed up for a Rugged 5k May 5th, Breezy Point Sprint Tri June 3rd, Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash in September, so I have A lot to work towards and keep me motivated! Follow my journey!

Hello world!

Welcome to fitisthenewsexy! This is my attempt to share with others the journey I have embarked on to live a healthy lifestyle and become FIT not necessarily SKINNY. Hope you enjoy what you see. I will be posting Paleo recipes I have tried and enjoy, WOD’s (workouts of the day) and progress pictures to show you what a little effort in the RIGHT direction can do!